What White People Don't Know (about Racism)

I thought that I knew what racism was, and I also thought that I was a fair and unprejudiced person. I was wrong.

A Modern and Practical Take on Plato's Philosophy

The Republic’s sixth and seventh books comprise some of the most influential literature in Western philosophy.

On Margaret Atwood's "The Female Body"

In 1990, Margaret Atwood wrote a semi-autobiographical piece in response to a letter from the Michigan Quarterly Review. Using the witticisms, ironic humor and autobiographical excerpts which characterize her uniquely poignant style of writing, she introduces a collage of seven definitions for the female form. Rife with feminism and sarcastic metaphor, this jaunt into various … Continue reading On Margaret Atwood's "The Female Body"

Abraham Lincoln Predicted U.S. Downfall by Avarice

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln This quote by our nation’s most influential historical executor gave me more than a moment’s pause. I couldn’t help but compose some reactionary thoughts. First: Positivity.This quote by President Abraham Lincoln … Continue reading Abraham Lincoln Predicted U.S. Downfall by Avarice