Science's Love/Hate Relationship with Math

Why does physics seem to use so much mathematical theorem, while biology does not? Why did chemistry invent a mathematical language all its own?

Infectious Disease: Public Safety v. Personal Freedom

Several health officials spoke against Typhoid Mary's involuntary quarantine at Riverside Hospital on North Brother Island.

Theorizing: The Greek Dialectical Method as a Precursor for the Scientific Method

The Socratic Method and Aristotle’s work in philosophy and science are excellent case studies for demonstrating the essence of ancient Greek philosophy and dialectic, as well as the links these philosophies have with logical thought and physical science.

The Biochemistry of Affection: Love, Scientifically

Why do we do what we do when we get a case of the Lovesies... Chemicals such as neurotransmitters, sex hormones, and neuropeptides are responsible for the behaviors humankind exhibits, as well as the moods they experience during attraction, dating, sex, and love. The effect of these chemicals is fairly intense, especially in comparison to … Continue reading The Biochemistry of Affection: Love, Scientifically

Gothic Architecture: Ridiculously Anatomical

            Browsing through some photos of Gothic cathedrals, I was stricken by a resemblance between the Gothic architectural style and its look-alike components in human anatomy. Interior of the Chartres Cathedral   The ribbed vaulting of the Chartres Cathedral in France, bears a striking resemblance to an interior body cavity, … Continue reading Gothic Architecture: Ridiculously Anatomical