What White People Don't Know (about Racism)

I thought that I knew what racism was, and I also thought that I was a fair and unprejudiced person. I was wrong.

Infectious Disease: Public Safety v. Personal Freedom

Several health officials spoke against Typhoid Mary's involuntary quarantine at Riverside Hospital on North Brother Island.

The Birth of Modern Feminism: 15th Century Europe

In Christine de Pizan’s Book of the City of Ladies, written circa 1405, the author places herself in the lead role of an allegorical tale of a philosophical journey in pursuit of truth.

Theorizing: The Greek Dialectical Method as a Precursor for the Scientific Method

The Socratic Method and Aristotle’s work in philosophy and science are excellent case studies for demonstrating the essence of ancient Greek philosophy and dialectic, as well as the links these philosophies have with logical thought and physical science.

Etymology: The Origin of the Word "Meat"

I looked into the history of the word meat, and this led me to wonder about other edible animals, so I researched the words meat, pork, beef and mutton.

Abraham Lincoln Predicted U.S. Downfall by Avarice

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln This quote by our nation’s most influential historical executor gave me more than a moment’s pause. I couldn’t help but compose some reactionary thoughts. First: Positivity.This quote by President Abraham Lincoln … Continue reading Abraham Lincoln Predicted U.S. Downfall by Avarice

Laocoon and His Sons: Ancient Greek Art as a Model for Cultural Identity

It’s dramatic. It’s beautiful. It’s 3 naked men in poses of defenselessness!

Gothic Architecture: Ridiculously Anatomical

            Browsing through some photos of Gothic cathedrals, I was stricken by a resemblance between the Gothic architectural style and its look-alike components in human anatomy. Interior of the Chartres Cathedral   The ribbed vaulting of the Chartres Cathedral in France, bears a striking resemblance to an interior body cavity, … Continue reading Gothic Architecture: Ridiculously Anatomical

Paleolithic Art: Origin and Intent

As often as I take for granted the comforts and conveniences of today, I also contrive to understand how our culture came to be as it is now. Compelled by an unspeakable desire to connect with my earliest ancestors, to I decided to do a mini-research study into the beginnings of art and civilization. Since … Continue reading Paleolithic Art: Origin and Intent