The Future of Books and A.I.

The technological advances in written and other print communication implemented to date, such as the World Wide Web and e-books, have ushered in an era of practically boundless knowledge in which a large percent of the human population has access to every topic imaginable. One can only speculate as to the next step in this evolution of collected literature and the progress of books, in particular.

A Brief History of Humanism

Humanism was an influence at the very heart of the Renaissance, and sought to restore education that was based on ancient Greek and Latin writings in an effort to renew the best aspects of the civilizations of Greece and Rome. These classical writings were meant to serve as a moral compass for how to best … Continue reading A Brief History of Humanism

Egyptian Influence on Minoan Religion and Culture

The Minoans of ancient Greece embodied one the world’s first great civilizations, with innovations that pervaded nearly every facet of their lives. The Egyptians, across the sea and equally great in their own right, had a rich, ancient culture that undoubtedly influenced all who encountered it. When the two civilizations collided, an exchange of goods … Continue reading Egyptian Influence on Minoan Religion and Culture

Science's Love/Hate Relationship with Math

Why does physics seem to use so much mathematical theorem, while biology does not? Why did chemistry invent a mathematical language all its own?

What White People Don't Know (about Racism)

I thought that I knew what racism was, and I also thought that I was a fair and unprejudiced person. I was wrong.

The Artist's Widow – An Interview

Wyeth's detractors claim that the painter staged a "discovery"of hundreds of illicit, decades old paintings of his own making, featuring his muse and lover, Helga Testorf.

The Last White Girl in El Paso

Thoughts on My Body: Sexuality, Feminism and Self-Concept in Generation X

Infectious Disease: Public Safety v. Personal Freedom

Several health officials spoke against Typhoid Mary's involuntary quarantine at Riverside Hospital on North Brother Island.

The Birth of Modern Feminism: 15th Century Europe

In Christine de Pizan’s Book of the City of Ladies, written circa 1405, the author places herself in the lead role of an allegorical tale of a philosophical journey in pursuit of truth.

A Modern and Practical Take on Plato's Philosophy

The Republic’s sixth and seventh books comprise some of the most influential literature in Western philosophy.